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Model S / Model X

Take advantage of the global network of DC charging stations by making the hardware in your car suitable and purchasing an external adapter. CHAdeMO stations allow a charging rate of 43 kW or 108 km of range per hour.

This adapter is only available in the European region and is designed specifically for the Model S and Model X. For a Model S without Supercharging enabled, the built-in hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter. Supercharging is already enabled on every new Model S or Model X.


  • Many CHAdeMO stations require membership in a third-party billing network, and access information is typically provided at the charging station. Power levels and charging speed may vary.
  • If Supercharging is not enabled, a vehicle software update must be performed.
  • The Model S and Model X CHAdeMO adapter is not currently supported by the Model 3
  • This item is brand new.


OEM: 1036391-10-D