Model Y - Door seals

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Are you annoyed by the wind noise and those dirty door seals? We offer the solution with these door seals.



The standard door seals in the Tesla Model Y are located quite far inward. There is a lot of space between the doors and the body, resulting in wind noise and dirt coming in onto your door sills, This results in getting your pants dirty when you step out or step into the car. We can solve this issue with our Tesland Door Seals for the Model Y. The gap between the door and the boy is closed off, so no more wind and dirt is coming in. Also this way the doors close more firmly.

The set consists of Z shaped rubbers for the forward part of the front doors, there are thick rubbers for the bottom part of all doors, and thinner rubbers for the gap between the front and rear doors and the aft part of the rear doors. 


This set is for all 4 doors.

Available with and without installation.