Huawei mobile WIFI Hotspot

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Huawei WIFI Hotspot

Do you use a BlackVue Dashcam in your Tesla Model S or Model X? Than the Huawei E5577C is ideal for you. With the Huawei E5577C you can create your own WIFI hotspot in your Tesla. Via the hotspot you can then make optimal use of BlackVue's Cloud function.

Create your own WIFI Hotspot

With the Huawei E5577C you can create your own WFI Hotspot. Extremely suitable to connect in your Tesla to the USB port. That way you have internet connection in your car for up to 10 devices. Install a 4G sim card in the hotspot and you always have your own WIFI network on the road, on a (business) trip or during a festival. With the help of Wi-Fi Offload, the device switches automatically when you get close to a free Wi-Fi network. You scan a QR code with an app that you can download to easily and quickly connect to the E5577C. The clear display gives information about 3 messages at the same time. Furthermore, there is information about battery life and connection status.

Why a WIFI network in your Tesla?

With your own WIFI the kids can use the internet in the backseat, watch online videos, etc. But another important feature is if you use the hotspot in combination with the BlackVue Dashcam. Via the hotspot you can then make optimal use of BlackVue's Cloud function.

Own SIM card

The Huawei E5577C needs its own SIM card to connect to the 4G network. With most providers it is possible to request a 2nd SIM card with your existing subscription. That way you can use the data bundle of your existing subscription.