SeaSucker Flight Deck Platform with Velcro strap for rear wheel and 1 Front wheel holder

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A more extensive version of the add-on frontwheelholder. The Flightdeck can be combined with every carrier from our collection. You can use the right vacuum cup for the rear wheel and the support next to it offers space for the front wheel. By doing so, the front wheel can also be carried on top of the car. This only works with a QR connection, not with a thru-axle. 

Keep in mind that the Flightdeck comes with one cup. You have to use the spare part of your carrier to complete the set. 

The Flight Deck turns your regular old Rear Wheel Strap into a front-wheel holding superstar. It can be used with the Talon, Mini Bomber or Bomber, and uses the existing Rear Wheel Strap as part of the package. The front wheel mount features elongated entry slots for the wheel’s skewer that allow the wheel to rest on the platform of the rack, providing additional stability when driving. The .25″ aluminum front wheel mount fits up to a 29″ wheel and sits on a black HDPE platform. Made for standard road, cross and MTB wheels. Requires the MTB Plugs (available HERE) to hold a 12/100mm or 15/100mm through-axle. NOTE: this product is incomplete on its own - it MUST be combined with an existing Rear Wheel Strap to work. Approx. 13″x6″ footprint.

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