Voltage Converter 12V to 230V (300W - 600W)

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Protection against overheating Yes
Color  Black
Input voltage 12v DC
Output voltage  230V AC
Output Frequency  50Hz
Surge Protection Yes
Usable Power (continuous) 300W
Output voltage form  Modified sine wave
Instantaneous power (pulse) 600W
Fuse Rating 30A
Number of Fuses 1
Power consumption without load  0.5A
Weight  587g
Dimensions  13.1cm x 10.6cm x 6.0cm
Dimensions with mounting bracket 13.8cm x 10.6cm x 6.2cm
Warranty 24 months

300W / 600W zuivere sinusomvormer Omvormer 12V tot 230V omvormer

Universal - The Green Cell Inverter not only has power outlets to connect electrical devices , but also a USB port to charge smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets
Absolute safety - don't worry about overvoltages. The inverter has a whole range of safety features and safety certificates for smooth operation
Modified sine wave - is accompanied by a simpler inverter design that ensures lower sensitivity to interference . The inverter allows for stable operation of devices such as power supplies, computers, LED lights

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