Audio upgrade E - Premium for SR and SR+ (DSP)

Tesla Model 3 Audio upgrade activation kit with subwoofer, amplifier and activation kit for activation of unused speakers in SR and SR+ cars and 4 high quality replacement speakers for the front doors; mid range and tweeters.


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TESLA MODEL 3 Audio upgrade activation kit Version E 

With subwoofer, amplifier and activation kit (DSP) for activation of unused speakers in SR and SR+ cars and 2 high quality extra rear surround speakers.

The SR and SR+ Model 3 has an audio system with many unused speakers, 

  • The front door tweeters
  • The front surround speakers in the headliner
  • the rear surround speakers (until feb 2020)
  • no subwoofer installed


This kit includes a 10" subwoofer and an amplifier which will be installed on the original position. The kit also includes the wiring and filter kit, so the unused speakers will be wired and activated. Also included is a filter to guide the correct frequencies to the correct speakers.


For self installation a manual will be provided. This requires deinstallation of many interior parts.


We also provide a professional installation in our workshop. As an option we can provide soundproofing and damping of the doorpanels.


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