GEN3 - Mounting pole for the Tesla Wall Charger

Steel MOUNTING POLE for the Tesla Wall Charger.

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Steel MOUNTING POLE for the Tesla Wall Charger GEN3

Ideal for when you want to place your Tesla Wall Connector on your driveway, or if you don't want to drill holes in your outside wall. The pole is made of high quality steel and it is powder coated in matte black, which means that it is completely protected against all kind of weather influences.

The on ground pole comes with a hidden bracket which need to be screwed to the ground.

There are holes predrilled for mounting the Wall Charger. and holes are made to lead the installation cable inside.

As an option this item is available with a weatherproof wall socket. (for example to vacuum your car.

An concrete plinth is available for mounting in soft ground


Total pole height is 195 cm (60 cm deep into the ground if needed)
Dimensions for on ground pole in cm is 12x12x145 (LxWxH) 
Including mounting material
Equipped with a powder coating
In color RAL 9005 (matte black) 

*The Tesla Wall Charger is sold by Tesla, it is not included.

*The Gen 3 installation pole with 220V connection is temporarily out of stock.

*Delivery time is currently about 10 working days



The poles will not be shipped outside the European Union.


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