About Us

Team Tesland

Hi there! We are Tesland .. The place to be for accessories, modifications, styling, technical advice, original parts, etc. for your Tesla! We are located at our present location in Almere since January 2020.

Tesland started in 2015 and was created by interest in Tesla. Herbert Kats the owner (second from the right in the photo) first started selling the AlloyGator rim protectors, then as a hobbyist built in a dashcam into his own Tesla Model S which many colleagues were also interested in. And so his hobby got out of hand and became Tesland.

We are not only busy every day developing, obtaining, shipping and installing (new) products for the Tesla. Now you can also contact us for the most common repairs of your Tesla. For example, in 2020 we were actively working on repairing the eMMC of the Tesla model S and customers regularly visit us to repair the door handle of their Tesla. Do you unexpectedly have a technical problem with your Tesla? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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