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Stayhold shopping holders

Stayhold shopping holders

New available at Tesland, Stayhold shopping holders.
With the Stayhold trunk organizers you can easily organize all the items in your trunk and ensure that everything stays in place while driving.
The brackets can be easily attached with the sturdy Velcro strips at the bottom of the brackets.
With quick straps you can easily keep small items and bottles in place.

Practical and easy to use.


  • Holds in place with VELCRO hooks
  • Belt slots to hold products in place
  • Large handles, easy to use.
  • Robust 3D design
  • Large bottom plate
  • Made from durable and flexible polymer
  • Also available with quick straps for easy attachment of individual items


In our catalogue:

Stayhold Carpet Medium met Quick Strap


Stayhold Rubber Medium & Quick Strap


Top 10 accessories for your Tesla Model S

What accessories do other Tesla owners buy, the tesland top 10? has been online for almost a year now. The following top 10 shows which Tesla Model S accessories are popular with other owners. So, here we go with the top 10: 10 - Universal Phoneholder This magnetic, discr...

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Waterproof Cargo Cover Tesla Model S and Model X

Waterproof Cargo Cover Tesla Model S and Model X Trunk protective cover You probably know the feeling, you went for a walk with your dog in the woods or on the beach. Or in the park where they have just mowed the grass. Wonderful walks in nature, refreshing, your dog will certainly enjoy hersel...

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A dashcam for Tesla Model S and Model X

Dashcams are popular Dashboard cameras, or dashcam, have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Especially among Tesla owners who are looking for a little extra security and assurance for their beloved car. You can completely waste your time on YouTube and Facebook by watching all the v...

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Tesla's production significantly higher in the third quarter

Tesla built many more cars in the third quarter. According to the company, 80,142 vehicles were produced, an increase of 50% compared to the previous record in the second quarter. Of the Model 3, 53,239 cars were produced, almost double the production volume in the second quarter. This number is...

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To better understand the existing landscape of the auto industry and Tesla’s place within it, mediakix has compared Tesla’s market capitalisation, net income, and automotive revenue to those of Ford, General Motors, Toyota, BMW, and Volkswagen. In comparing Ford, GM, Toyota, BMW, and Volkswagen’...

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What is LoJack Connect?

Lojack Connect Lojack Benelux introduces Lojack Connect, a fleet management system that works using the GSM and GPS network. With the Lojack Connect App you have the information about the location of your car and your ride administration available at all times . How is LoJack Connect different fr...

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Tesland introduces 360º Dashcam setup for Tesla

Tesla 360º Dashcam Setup Tesland introduces 360º Dashcam setup for Tesla Model S and Model X. The standard package that Tesland offers includes 2 BlackVue Dashcams, 1 front camera and 1 rear camera. It is of course very convenient to have recorded clips of the front as well as the back.  ...

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Tesland sponsors the fifth edition of the E-rally

E-rally 2018, the fifth edition. On Saturday 2 June 2018, the E-rally Foundation organizes the fifth edition of this E-rally, a tour rally of approximately 200 km for fully electric cars. As was the case with the first four editions, more than 100 teams will cover more than 20,000 electric kilome...

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Tesla Model X accessories

Tesla Model X introduction The Tesla Model X is the third electric model launched by Tesla Motors after the Roadster and the Model S. The Model X crossover is a family car focused on performance, complete with three rows of seats that provide a comfortable ride and easy entry and access to the 2n...

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