Europe’s first and largest accessory and maintenance shop for your Tesla.
From original parts and accessories to our own installation services, all under affordable costs and incredible quality.
At Tesland we offer a wide range of accessories, adjustments, wraps, etc. From interior accessories such as dashcams, organizers and security, to exterior accessories such as rims, tires, lighting and Tesla body kits. We also offer an installation service to have all parts professionally installed by our technicians. At Tesland, quality comes first. Our products are characterized by their high quality, finish, functionality and affordable prices. With us you will find everything you need for your Tesla!

Tesland PARTS

We also sell a wide range of original and aftermarket parts from stock. We also serve as a wholesale supplier, and we do ship all over the globe.  Special conditions apply to workshops. Please click here link to create an account.

Paint Protection Foil

Tesland is now also dealer and official premium installer of XPEL for the paint protection film. Protect your paint for many years. Check this page for more information.


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About Us

Tesland is the point of sale for accessories, modifications, styling, upgrades, protection, technical advice, etc. for your Tesla Model 3, S, Model X.
Our workshop in Almere is equipped with 3 Destination Chargers, free internet and a cozy coffee corner. We now see more often that Tesla owners not only come for our products or services, but also for socializing. In short, Tesland is becoming a real meeting place. So please come along, but call us in advance to see if we are there.

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Our Services



Installation service for our products

We are very experienced in installing all types of accessories in all Tesla models. That is very important, because a Tesla is very different from the average car. For example consider the electrical system or the autopilot systems that could be affected or damaged. We know exactly how to disassemble the dashboard without causing damage or harm.



Tesland's own Destination Chargers

Recently we have installed our own Tesla destination chargers. In front of our workshop. Load your Tesla while your waiting. Now at Tesland's workshop: 3 official Tesla DeCs (Destination Chargers). While we install your accessories, your car will be charged for free.



Provided accessories for over a 6,000 Tesla's

We have been active in the Netherlands for several years and have now provided more than a 6,000 Tesla's with accessories. In addition, we have already installed Dashcam's, AlloyGator's, our bright interior LEDs, door sill panels etc. for more than 2500 Tesla owners. We are proud of the customer reviews we received on the internet at the various locations.

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