Model X wheels

At Tesland, you can buy your favourite rims for your Tesla Model X. You can choose between different types: Tesla Model X Cyclone rims, Tesla Model X Turbine rims and Tesla Model X Slipstream rims. These rims are available in different inch sizes, so you can choose which rims look best on your Tesla Model X.


Single Tesla Model X rims and complete sets of wheels

Whether you are looking for a single rim or a complete set of wheels, you buy it at Tesland. Single rims are only available without tyres. Our wheel sets are available with and without tyres.


More than rims and wheels for Tesla Model X

We don't just have rims and wheels for your Model X. We also have the accessories that go with them, like TPMS sensors (separately or per four), valve caps, wheel nuts and rim protectors. Everything to protect your wheels.

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  1. Set AlloyGators Wheelprotection
    As low as €129.00 €106.61
  2. Tesla rim center caps (Original)
    As low as €21.18 €17.50
  3. TPMS Sensor black
    €68.99 €57.02
    Out of stock
  4. TPMS sensor silver
    €68.99 €57.02
  5. Tesla Wheel Nut
    €5.45 €4.50
  6. Brake caliper painting Kit for Tesla Model S, X, Y and 3
    As low as €60.44 €49.95
  7. Paint pen for Tesla wheels
    As low as €17.94 €14.83
  8. Model X - Jack pad
    As low as €45.38 €37.50
  9. Set of 20 covers for wheel nut with tool
    As low as €28.98 €23.95
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