Cable duct for charge cable

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Cable duct to protect your charge cable to make it visible for pedestrians and protect it against getting damaged.
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Charge cable duct-cble-dct-1m
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If you need to charge your Tesla and the charging cable has to be routed over the sidewalk or street, this can cause dangerous situations. The cables are easily overlooked, pedestrians can trip over them or your cables will be run over by traffic, with all kinds of unforseen consequences.

This will not happen with this special cable duct. This unique speed bump protects the cable. These are then closed off at the top by the hinged lid.

Or you can simply use it on your driveway to protect the charge cable.

Our cable protector / gutter with lid is made in the colors black / yellow which makes it stand out well.

This special speed bump is top quality. It is made of the very best materials. This cable duct is therefore suitable for heavy use. There's enough space for 2 cables with a diameter of 2.5 cm.
That is more than sufficient for a 32A cable. It has been tested to withstand no less than 9 tons. So even a truck will not break this cable duct!

Despite the strong materials, this cable duct with lid is extremely manageable. It only weighs 8 kilos! If you have to cover a distance of more than 1 meter, they can easily be linked together.