Dog guard for Tesla Model S

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Dog guard specifically designed for the Tesla Model S. Place this rack in your trunk to keep your dog in the trunk. Or to prevent items that you have in the trunk from flying through your car if you accidentally have to brake firmly. The dog guard that we offer for the Tesla Model S is of excellent quality, better than that of the universal dog racks. In addition, it is perfectly tailored for the boot of the Tesla Model S. The main features of the Travall dog guard:
  • Fits perfectly in the Tesla because specifically designed for the back of the Model S
  • Sturdy design that does not rattle
  • Delivered with assembly kit and easy to follow installation manual.
  • No not need for drilling or other adjustments to the vehicle.
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation.
  • Lifetime Warranty.*

Dog guard made to measure for your Tesla trunk

This dog guard by Travall is made specifically for the Tesla Model S by people who understand their profession. The rack fits perfectly in the trunk and is easy to install yourself without special tools. It is not necessary to drill holes or make adjustments to your car. This robust rack is manufactured using the latest manufacturing techniques, laser cut and welded with great precision. The soft steel is finished with a special, organic nylon powder coating. This coating is very strong and very resistant to scratches Using the clear, supplied manual you can install the dog guard in just 1 minute. You can also easily remove the rack again. If you do not need the dog guard during a trip, you can simply remove it within seconds.

Dog rack, not only for your dog

You want to take your dog with you on your trip, but you do not want him to jump in the back seat, or all the way to the front seats while you are driving. This can of course cause dangerous situations. In addition, it happens to several hundred people every year, they get injured during an accident by objects flying around. Your shopping bag, your sports bag or whatever you have loose in your trunk turns into a projectile at the moment that you get involved in a collision unexpectedly. With this rack you protect yourself, your passengers and your pet in these situations. We also have mats that are perfectly suited to combine with the dog guard: Heavy Duty Floor Mats Or what about the Waterproof Cargo Cover Tesla Model S   Installing the dog guard is a job you can do yourself, but you can also choose to have the installation done by Tesland. The installation is a free service, but you will have to make an appointment with our workshop in Almere. Select the desired option when you place your order.