Model 3 - Aerocap stickers 2021

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Design stickers for 18 "Aerocap hubcaps.

TESLA MODEL 3 - Aerocap Stickers 2021

These high-quality 3M stickers give your standard 18" weels a sporty look, which makes it seem you have expensive wheels.
There are 5 surfaces per wheel on a wheel cover, which must be covered. We deliver 24 stickers, so you have 4 extra.
So you can "ruin" some during the installation. You also have some left to replace any damaged ones later on.
4 stickers have the text TESLA printed on them. So you can also choose to omit this. We have 3 designs available, standard in the color “Aluminum brushed metal”.
Other colors are available. for example, foils as carbon or brushed, in the colors gray or black.
(We do offer installation service, provided that the caps are brought clean and dry inside and out.)

*These Aerocap stickers are for the Model 3 produced after august 2020