Parking ticket holder windscreen

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The Tesland parking ticket holder to be put behind your windshield is a handy plastic holder to keep your parking ticket in place. Simply attach the transparent clip with the self-adhesive strip on the inside of you windscreen. This way you place your parking ticket perfectly visible behind the windshield and it will never blow away when you open and close the door.
Does this sound farmilliar? You place your parking ticket neatly and visible on your dashboard and close your front door, but the wind blows the ticket away from the dashboard. You open your door and try again. Or worse, you close your door and tickets blows away without you noticing. You return to your car and notice that you have received a parking ticket because your ticket was no longer visible from the outside. With this parking card holder clip you avoid situations like this. Simply remove the protective layer from the adhesive strip, stick the clip behind your front windscreen and your parking ticket stays perfectly in place with this clip.