Samsung Portable T7, 500GB external SSD-Red

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Samsung Portable T7, 500GB external SSD. USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps)

This is the best, and safest product to guarantee a safe storage for your TeslaCam and Sentry mode.

With a write speed of 1050MB/s this ssd is fast enough for your Tesla.

With this product there is plenty of space to ensure that the images captured by the camera's of your Tesla are stored in a safe matter. It is also possible to format this ssd in such a way that you devide the storage in a part to storage data for TeslaCan en Sentry, and another part for music i.e.

When you buy this product at Tesland, it is plug and play, since we formatted and initialised this ssd, so you don't need to do anything, just plug it in, and it will capture the video clips from the camera's all around your Tesla.

Note: you need to have a Tesla build after August 2017 to make use of this feature.


*The T7 SSD is the new upgraded version of the out of production T5 SSD.