Model X - Tint car windows

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Tint the windows of your Tesla Model S with car window foil. Gives your Tesla a nice look and protects your car against curious passerby's.

Want to tint the windows of your Tesla Model S?

That's very possible, We offer this service in cooperation with a specialist in tinting car windows. What we offer is to tint of the rear window, rear doors and the small windows behind with window tint film. The people who perform this have years of experience and can apply the film on every window in one piece. The tint film used is first class quality and comes with a 100% guarantee. The quality of the car window film and a professional installation ensure an excellent result with a long service life. You also get a guarantee on the releasing, flaking and tearing of the film. The installation of tint film is bound by rules and of course the film we offer meets the set EU rules (see the website of the public prosecutor's office for more information).

Why your car windows blind with foil?

  • aesthetically, it is "tough" and gives your Tesla its own look
  • sun-resistant
  • interior becomes less warm due to sunshine
  • interior stays beautiful longer, it discolors less
  • more privacy
  • windows will fog up less quickly