Add-a-Fuse with fuse

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To install a constant or switched powered accessory in your Tesla Model S (after 2016) and the Model X, without changing any wiring in your car

The add-a-fuse (also known as fuse tap or add-a-circuit) is a popular option for all electric accessoiries as it can make for a much more professional looking install and offers added protection for your accessory in your Tesla Model S (after 2016) and the Model X. The add-a-fuse does exactly what the name says and adds a new fuse for the new circuit going to the accessories you want to connect to your fuse box. You can use the add-a-fuse to piggy back off of an existing fuse in the vehicle or simply plug it into an empty fuse slot if that's an option on the vehicle you're installing in. The power wire for the new accessory will plug into the blue portion of the add-a-fuse and crimped in place with something like needle nose pliers or dedicated crimping tools. Can be used for a constant powered or switched accessory.

Nothing of the car's wiring will be changed, and can be unvisible restored.