A/C service and refill

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A/C service and refill

Your Tesla's air conditioning is more important than you think. In the summer it cools the car and in the winter it dries the air that flows into the car, preventing the windows from fogging up so quickly. The system is filled with a coolant. Tesla uses a newer and more environmentally friendly means for this. Of course, we use exactly the same coolant that Tesla prescribes for the service. In fact, we have the exact same high-end equipment that Tesla has.

Your system always loses some liquid due to, among other things, the porosity of rubber hoses. For some cars this is as much as 10% per year. That's not a bad thing, but if you lose more than 20% of the fluid, the functioning of the air conditioning system will decrease. Because the refrigerant also carries the oil through the system, the lubrication will also decrease, increasing the risk of expensive repairs.

The Tesla system also includes a desiccant bag that needs to be replaced regularly. (many general car companies do not know this) This ensures that the moisture contained in the refrigerant is collected. Tesla recommends having this bag replaced every few years. Because the system still has to be completely emptied, this is the perfect time to service and top up your system. This is therefore a reason to have this service performed by a real Tesla specialist, such as Tesland. Then you can be sure that the right materials are used. Even the air conditioning oil that is added to us is exactly the POE ND-11 oil prescribed by Tesla. Many other companies use a standard oil for this.

Cleaning of the A/C and  cabin air filter replacement

In addition, fungi and bacteria can grow in the air duct and in your filter. These often cause an annoying, musty smell in your car.

In this service, we first remove the air cabin filter and treat the evaporator and duct system with a disinfectant foam. After the foam has dissolved, we replace the filters with brand new cabin filters.


Of course it saves time and money to combine these servces.