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Make your windshield water and dirt repellent. treat your windscreen with Aquapel® Glass Treatment. Your car window becomes water-repellent with this treatment so that raindrops and dirt do not have a grip on your windshield. Water and dirt are swept of much easier from the glass by the wipers. Improves visibility in the rain, day and night. With installation means that Tesland applies the Aquapel® Glass Treatment for you on your Tesla Model S or Model X.

Please buy 2 for the Model X.

Make your windshield rain repellent with Aquapel Glass Treatment

How it works

The technology behind Aquapel has been innovated from the aviation industry. Aquapel Glass Treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass, making it water-repellent. The rainwater forms drops. The result is that it can be swept much easier from the glass by the windshield wipers. Dirt and water do not have a grip on your windshield. Aquapel is a fluorinated compound that can be applied in a few minutes on a clean, dry windscreen or other glass surfaces. It lasts up to 6 times longer than silicone-based products. In addition, Aquapel Glass Treatment remains very effective for months with normal use, including heavy rain and snow, car wash, glass cleaning and salt spray.

Use Aquapel

Aquapel® Glass Treatment was developed by PPG Industries, leaders in glass technology. When applied to a windshield of a vehicle, this innovative product improves visibility in the rain, day and night. Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass, in contrast to other products that simply cover glass. As a result, Aquapel can last up to 6 times longer than other products. One application can remain effective for months!

Let us apply it

You can order the product from Tesland and have it applied on the windscreen of your Tesla Model S or X by us. When ordering, choose the option installation and we'll make an appointment with you to apply the Aquapel in our workshop in Almere. For those who prefer to do it yourself, below are the instructions.


  • Step 1: Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the windscreen and dry the glass.
  • Step 2: Application: Hold the applicator between the thumb and the fingers with the sponge down and just above the windshield. Squeeze the tabs together until you hear a click. This releases the liquid on the sponge. Use immediately. Wipe the soft sponge of the applicator up and down on the windshield from side to side to ensure that the glass is well covered. Avoid painted surfaces. Remove liquid from non-glass surfaces with a dry paper towel immediately.
  • Step 3: Drying: Dry the windshield immediately with a clean dry paper towel after applying Aquapel to the entire windscreen. Discard the applicator and paper towel.

Failure to immediately dry off may cause contamination that requires additional buffing with a clean dry kitchen paper. Remark: One applicator for single use, enough for treatment of one windshield.

  • Do not let Aquapel dry through the air on the windshield.
  • When applied on large surfaces, treat in two halves at a time.
  • Conditions for application: Do not use at temperatures below 10°C and hotter than 32°C or in extremely humid conditions.
  • After application, Aquapel® Glass Treatment can be re-applied when needed.
  • Cleaning glass with ordinary glass cleaners has no effect on efficiency and durability.