Model S, X - Camber and Toe kit – Rear suspension

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Camber and Toe kit – Rear suspension Tesla Model S, Model X 2012-2020

Improve car handling, reduce tire wear and improve range


The Tesla Model S and X are prone to extreme tire wear of the rear tires. This is due to the fact that the upper sway bars of the rear suspension are not enough adjustable. This causes extreme tire wear and it also gives more friction, The camber and toe kit allows fine adjustments to the rear end camber and toe settings of the vehicle. It can either help improve the tire wear,  range, cornering grip or get your car back to original alignment specs especially after lowering. The arms are made of high-strength CNC aluminum with anodized surface to offer high durability, strength and yet remain light-weight. With premium quality pillow ball bushings equipped, they also provide more precise and solid handling response over the factory components. . Offers camber adjustability to suit various driving conditions . High-strength CNC aluminum construction . Anodized surface for highest durability . Premium quality pillow ball joints equipped . Improve handling performance . OE direct fitment. 

*After installation 4 wheel alignment must be performed.

This product can be installed by our professionals in our service center in Almere. 4 wheel alignment is included in our installation.