Centerconsole organizer

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Create extra, organised storage space in your central armrest.
This tray fits perfectly in your central armrest.
Ideal for storing small items like you mobile phone, pens, glasses, loose change, etc.

This organizer is tailor-made to fit support in your center console.

For Tesla Model S and Model X, model years from 2016. Never search in the deep dark hole again wondering where your stuff has gone.

Instead, create a way to store small items, a pen, loose coins for your parking meter or your parking card or your phone in an organised way in the center armrest.

This storage tray fits perfectly and looks like a Tesla item.

Excellent for storing small items like mobile phones, glasses, loose change, etc.

We also have a custom version with a wireless charger build in: Center console Organizer with Wireless Charger

Easy to install. It divides the space and gives you easy access to items that you use every day.

Leave the area under the tray untouched so that you can still store more.