Custom travel bag set for Tesla Model Y

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High-quality travel bags from the brand KJUST, tailor-made for Tesla Model Y

A top quality set of 5 bags for the trunk. Handy bags that are easy to clean and fully foldable.

Because the bags fit perfectly in your trunk or frunk. No loose luggage that can fly through the car as life-threatening projectiles in a collision.
Use the frunk- trunk space optimally and no more lose luggage in the passenger compartment.
Travel safer with these travel bags set. When you travel by car, this is a great and practical solution.
With this set, you can use the trunk space optimally, allowing you to take up to 30% more luggage compared to regular luggage.

Our bags fit perfectly in the frunk and trunk of your Tesla.

Travel car bags are asymmetric
Thanks to asymmetry, our car travel bags perfectly fit back seats, what optimally enhances the space of packaging and safety of travelling. The travel bags on offer are easy to pack to the trunk and easy to unpack what makes traveling much more comfortable from the beginning.

Handbags – designed on sport football bags
Their distinguishing feature is an extra pocket separated from the main part of the bag. It is made in order to have easy and fast access to stuff during a trip ( i.e. a toilet bag, shoes) or the stuff, we want to separate from others, i.e. a towel, sports clothes after training etc. Traditional travel bags are past to be forgotten. It is high time to exchange them with dedicated car bags KJUST.

Air handbags dedicated to cars and planes
The offer of KJUST embraces a wide range of sizes, thanks to this its bags fit both planes as hand luggage and cars, as an element of a set adjusted to the car trunk. The bags are very light, made of a high-quality fabric – Polyester 1680D ( with a characteristic of Cordura). The bags are foldable, their storage occupies very little space. In addition, the bags have a separate strengthened pocket for a notebook and an extra shoulder strap.


The Trunk set of 5 bags consists:



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