Dreamcase Premium Mattress Model Y

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For the best camping experience in your Tesla, we now offer DreamCase mattresses. The DreamCase mattresses offer the highest quality and are handmade in Europe. The mattress features a support mechanism built into the case to create a flat surface inside the Tesla. Another advantage of the DreamCase mattresses is that they can be easily unfolded and adjusted. A support panel is incorporated into the front part of the mattress to cover the gap between the seats.

Your Tesla has a perfect heating and air conditioning system, which you can use while you sleep in your car. It even has a special camping mode for this.

A master of its class, the DreamCase Premium bed is among the preferred options for many car owners, especially Tesla models. Of course, the DreamCase mattress is extremely comfortable and soft and thus ensures great sleeping experiences in your Tesla. The set comes with pillows and an extra boxed and wrapped duvet.

Thanks to the "Quick Pack mode", the mattress can be stowed in the trunk in no time at all, but can also be unfolded again in a few seconds. All seats can remain in normal position.

The mattress covers are sewn from durable microfiber and, thanks to the special surface finish, keep dust out. Thanks to the sewn-on zippers on each of the four mattress panels, the covers can be removed and washed at low temperatures.

Material mattress: multi-layered memory foam

This is specifically designed for the DreamCase mattresses to be compact yet provide full body support with a soft memory topped surface.

Case material: Carbon-colored case with sides made of vegan leather, with an embroidered logo on the top and microfiber seams on the inside. The case also has carrying straps on the front and carrying handles on the back, also made of vegan leather.


Dimensions and details of the Dreamcase suitcase:

  • Case L 96 cm x D 49 cm x H 25 cm (36.2” x 19.3” x 9.8”)
  • Mattress W 94 cm x L 194 cm (35,4” x 76,4” inch)
  • Carbon Finish Case
  • Vegan Leather Sides & Microfibre Interior
  • Foldable Dual Memory Foam Mattress
  • Microfibre Mattress Cover – Washable
  • Mattress Frontal Support System – Adjustable
  • Two Dual Shape Pillows – Oval & Square
  • Compact Travel Blanket Duvet
  • Standby Mode Storage Option
  • Couch Mode In Trunk
  • Weight 15.8 kg (34.8 Pound)
  • Dreamcase satin bed sheeting set included.