eMMC repair Model S or X (for MCU1)

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If you have problems with the center screen of your Model S or X produced before February 2018, You might have a problem with your MCU. These are the problems which might indicate this problem.

  • spontanious Reboots 
  • black screen
  • crashing during spotify
  • message "waiting until systems are started"
  • strange behavior of the center screens
  • kmh/ mph mix up
  • etc. etc.

Also it is wise to change the chip before you will get problems. 

We can solve this problem for youby replacing the failed eMMC chip. This service includes replacing the software on this chip. The price of this servcie is much lower than the full changing of the MCU at Tesla which will cost nearly €3000,-

You can bring us the tegra board only, or the MCU, er we can do a full installation service


Repair for Tesla Model S and X central computer (MCU1)

Your Tesla Model S or X built before February 2018 has a first type computer (called MCU1) behind the center screen. This computer contains a memory chip of 8GB. This chip contains the complete software of the computer and all kinds of data is read and written to it. This is the eMMC chip. You can compare this chip with the memory chips on USB drives and SD cards.
However, if you write a lot of data to and from these chips, they will break at some point.
The question is not whether they break, but when they break. That will unfortunately also happen with your Tesla Model S or X.
When will that happen? That depends on the amount of data being written back and forth.
With most cars, the problems start after about 4 years and above 150,000 km.
The problems that can arise are:
• Spontaneous reboots
• Crashing system during Spotify
• Frequently "waiting for systems to start up"
• Strange behavior from the central screen
• Black screen
• kmh / mph mix up
• etc. etc.
If you have one of these problems, chances are that your eMMC is already partially broken. The problem is that the memory chip drops stitches, and bits are no longer stored here and there. Gaps arise in the software, causing these problems. In this case it is wise to have a repair (eMMC replacement) carried out by us quickly. Why quickly? Because if you continue, the datagaps will become bigger or the chip can fail completely, and in that case it is possible that we can't guarantee a full recovery. Read below.

Repairs trough Tesla?

If your Model S or X is less than 4 years old and you have driven less than 80,000 km, your car still has a Tesla factory warranty, and they will repair your car free of charge. At Tesla they will replace your complete MCU for a new, or refurbished, of the same type, with the same eMMC chip. This means that in a few years' time you will have a very high probability of the same problems again.
If your car no longer has a warranty because it is older than 4 years or because you have driven more than 80,000 km, you pay at Tesla between € 2000 and € 2500 for this repair. Therefore, it is best to contact us outside the warranty to avoid these high costs.
At this moment it is not yet possible to have the MCU1 replaced for an MCU2 in Europe. If you have any questions about this, it is best to ask them at the Tesla service department.

Repairs trough Tesland

In this case we will build your central computer and then read the software on the workbench with us. The software is then restored and put back on a brand new chip with a much larger memory. As the software is repaired, these holes are closed and the problem is solved. Because our chip has much more memory, it will also last 7 to 10 times longer than the chip we replace.
However, when reading out, there are a few files that are important. These are to ensure that you can access your car with the app, and the other file is to ensure that the car can receive updates from Tesla again. That is why it is very important to quickly read your eMMC chip at the first complaints to secure these files.
In some cases, the chip is broken to such an extent that it can no longer be read, and therefore also the above few files no longer, there are then 2 options:
a) We repair the software without these 2 files. You can then just drive and do everything by car. However, you will no longer have app access and the car will not receive any updates. Or,
b) We send the defective chip to a data recovery company. In 90% of cases, this can retrieve the important data. However, their rate is € 350, which is in addition to our rate.
We will quickly find out what the state of your eMMC chip is. You then always have the option to cancel the repair, in which case we will put everything back, and you will get the car back in the same condition as it was brought. You only pay the costs for the removal and installation of the MCU. That is € 225,-
We always do this in consultation with you.