Frunk auto opening and easy close kit (Old Model 3)

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Auto open & easy close kit for the frunk of Model 3

Auto open & easy close kit for the frunk of Model 3 (to august 2020)


This kit contains a 2 custom made lift support struts so the frunk will open automatic all the way when activating, and a smaller spring which will be placed in the closing mechanism, so the frunk can be closed with one finger.

The system is protected against opening during driving.

These lift support struts are designed by Tesland and custom made for us according our specifications. The size is identical as the original struts, but the strength is exactly enough to open the frunk gently and automatically, without a big "bang"

Installation can be done in a few minutes and it is very easy and doesn't require special tools.


Note: For the Model 3/Y after 2020 the system is changed so the little spring in the front can't be swapped out anymore. If you have this car, you can discard the little spring and the therefore the close function will not be affected.


video of the auto open & easy close system