HID headlight Upgrade

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HID headlight Upgrade.

We can upgrade the headlights from your  Model S (pre facelift) to a brighter and whiter light system .

We can upgrade the headlights from your  Model S (pre-facelift) to a brighter and whiter light system.

In the USA the Model S is sold with a 35W HID (Xenon) system.
Due to the rules during the certification, these lights needed a cleaning system and an automatic vertical adjusting system.  
This wasn't present in the Model S. Therefore Tesla installed a weaker system (25 watts).
However, rules have been relaxed now, and this upgrade is now allowed.

We replace your HID lights and the electronic drivers.
We use original OSRAM parts, the same as Tesla is using.

We do this upgrade in our workshops, and labor is included.
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