Improved reverse light

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Improved reverse light-Tesla Model 3 (3-poles bef. 2020)2.0000
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Our own designed and produced extra reverse light with 10 Watt 1100 Lumen COB LED. 

Subtle placement under the licenseplate.

Improved reverse lighting

Our own designed and produced extra reverse light, gives you finally the lighting behind your car what you need wehn reversing in the dark.

We many times hear people complaining that they don't see anything on the camera when reversing in the dark. We had already some cases where people reversed into something and creating expensive damage.

We had many prototypes, before we made this one. It consist of a housing with a 10 watt COB LED which is emitting 1100 Lumen, which is 40 times more light than the original 2 miniscule LED's which are incorporated in the right hand tail light (European Tesla's only have 1 reverse light, since the left one is replace by a fog light due to European regulations, compares to 2 reverse lights in the USA) The light is turned on by selecting reverse, and when switched of it is a subtle 10 mm high unit under the license plate

The unit is very easliy clicked in the original licenseplateholder. Only 1 hole must me drilled behind the licenseplate, to guide the wire insde the trunk. One wire must be connected to a metal part (ground) and the plus wire must be connected to the right hand tail light reverse light, with the included posi-tap.

Of course we have installation service in our workshop.

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