Model 3/Y- HEPA Cabin air filter (set of 2)

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Get the same clean, odour-free air in your Tesla Model 3 as in the S and X with the biohazard option with these HEPA filters.

Model 3/Y- HEPA Cabin air filter (set of 2)


The Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have Biohazard mode as an option. But with these HEPA air filters (set of 2) you get comparable, high quality filtered air as in the Model S / X. This 3M HEPA filter material is the same as what is used in intensive care units in a hospital. It has also activated charcoal to combat nasty odours.

We recommend changing the filters once a year or every 12,000 km. This ensures clean, odour-free air in the cabin for the life of your car.

Installing is a matter of removing the old filters and replacing them with these new filters. The charcoal side of the filter should be directed towards the interior of the car, away from the bulkhead.

Also available with Tesland installation service.

Air filtration up to PM2.5 95% and PM0.3 99.97% (H12 classification)


Optional available with Motip airco cleaner.