Model 3, Y - Lower the Tesla with Eibach springs

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Lowering your Model 3 and Model Y with Eibach springs.

Give your Model 3 or Y a more aggresive look and better handling with our EIbach springs including installation and full 4 wheel alignment

Lowering your Model 3 with Eibach springs.

We lower your Model 3 with Eibach springs. Your car will be 25-30mm /1-1,2 inch lower than standard. We only use Eibach, since other brands may soften during their live, and your car will be lower and softer than you start with.

Why would you lower your car?

  • High performance handling
  • lower center of Gravity
  • less roll in turns
  • aggresive looks
  • less diving during braking, so shorter braking distance.

The price is included full installation, shortening of the bumpstops and full wheel alignment of all 4 wheels. This is very important since the springs will change the geometry of your car, and without the alignment, your tires will wear out very quickly.

(installation will be done in Amsterdam.)