Model 3 - Rear Bumper Tail Light Set

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Dynamic tail lights for Tesla Model 3 producted before october 2023

Model 3 - LED Sequential Light for Bumper

  • This set replaces the rear bumper reflectors. 
  • Three different modes. With normal lights, brake lights and fluid mode for turn lights-sequential turn signal; 50% brightness of the Red lens for driving/tail lights, 100% brightens for brake light model. Provides a fluid illumination of lighting when turning left or right.
  • Effectively increase the safety of driving in the rain, fog and snow. Keep the following cars at a distance which makes driving much more safe.
  • Easy Installation, direct replacement, It fits the original car interface, Just Plug and Play;
  • Replace the original plastic reflector.
  • Looks very cool when turning on the bumper tail lights.