Model 3 - Massage module for front seats

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Massage Module for Tesla Model 3 front seats. Get a soothing massage while you reach your destination. 

for Model 3 before october 2023

Massage Module for Tesla Model 3 front seats

Get a soothing massage while you reach your destination.

  • Make your trips more comfortable. On longer trips a massager seat can help you make your body relaxed and keep your journey more enjoyable.
  • Lower the stress level. Stress control is very useful for your overall health, and this massager seat module can help you to obtain this.
  • Massage helps the body relax, which can reduce stress levels and even reduce cortisol content in the blood. This is especially useful after a hard day’s work.
  • Improve blood circulation. A deep and invigorating massage can help your blood flow. Better circulation has a positive effect on your overall health and helps organizations recover faster. Any improvement in blood circulation also helps to maintain muscle health and reduce soreness.
  • Emotional enhancement. In addition to making you feel relaxed and comfortable, regular massage will also trigger the secretion of endorphins, literally making you feel happier. They also help calm pain and stress.
  • Improve back pain. Using a massage cushion can help reduce chronic back pain and tension. It does this through muscle stimulation, which helps calm them down.

Controls are easy, just press twice on the round button on the side of your seat.

Installation is easy and is done by our professionals in 10 minutes, or you can do it by yourself. Everything is reversible, so it can be removed with leaving any traces. So your manufacturer's warranty is not affected.

Note: price is per seat, if you want both front seats, you need to order 2 pieces.