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This audio upgrade for your Model 3 SR/SR+ is for people who like to listen to frant stage music. This means that 80% of the volume is coming from the front and 20% from the rear. This simulates a live performance. Because of the high quality speakers the sound is very dynamic and natural. And the 2 amplifiers and the custom made subwoofer gives good volume in all frequencies

With this audio upgrade for the standard audio system of the Model 3 SR and SR+ all levelswill be significally enhanced. Beside this the tweeters and the front door speakers will be replaced by topline quality speakers as well will we add amplifiers.

We add a 25 cm subwoofer. For this system we designed a woofer case which fits in the lower baggage area of the trunk. Therefor you will not see the subwoofer, because it is installed under the cover plate. So, the whole trunk area is still usable and the area under the cover plate has still some place to put some small items.

In the front doors the speakers will be replaced by 20 cm midwoofers.

Also the doors will be dampened with special mats, so there will be less resonance and vibration. This will significally enhance the quality of the sound.

This subwoofer is way better than the subwoofer of the premium audio. Also 2 4-channel 320 watt amplifiers are added to drive this subwoofer. It is also connected to the speakers in the rear doors, so the performance of these speakers is also much better.

Via our special filter technique also tweeters in the front doors are installed and connected.

The second 4-channel amplifier is connected to the dashboardspeakers and it also drives the front door tweeters via our special filter technique also the tweeters in the front doors

If you think the audio in your Model 3 SR/SR+ does not have enough lower tones, you want to be in the middle of the music and you want to increase the total volume, than this is the choice for you.

Installation can be done within one day.

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