Model 3 - Body kit in full carbon

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Genuine carbon body kit for Tesla Model 3, available as a complete set or in seperate parts.

We market body kits for your Tesla under the name "Tesland Premium Performance Design". First we equipped our own Model 3 with a kit in Gloss Carbon. Of course you can order the kit from us and have it professionally mounted while you wait.

This body kit is made of CFRP or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer. 

This body kit is enhancing the looks of your car dramatically. When damaged we can order single parts for you in case you need to replace some parts.

Th kit is available in glossy carbon, matte carbon or the very exclusive forged carbon as used by Lamborghini.

The kit is installed with VHB tape or spoiler glue and some screws which are screwed in the invisible parts under the car.

We do have some kits in stock, so contact us for delivery times of the kit you want.