Model S and X - Lowering links

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Lowering links for Model S and Model X

For Tesla Model S  and X with air suspension. Improve the looks and driving characteristics of your Model S or X, while at the same time you still have the possibility to drive safely over speedbumps.

This is an improved version which is better corrosion resistant , and easier and more accurate adjustable.

The Tesla Model S with air suspension is easy and cheap to lower, because of it's internal auto hight system.

With these, easy to install, adjustable lowering links you can lower your car. By lengthening the links 5 mm longer than the stock links, your car will be 28 mm lower. This means that every setting, low, medium, high and very high will all be 28 mm lower.

Your car looks really nice and sporty in the lowest setting with improved driving charcteristics, and since it is adjustable, you can still drive safely over speed bumps in the higher settings.

Since the car is sitting lower the driveshafts are lass angled, which is improving the lifetime of the drive shafts, and it gives less "shudder".

Easy to install, (advisable to remove the wheels) or have them profesionally installed in our workshop.