Technaxx Voltage Converter 12 - 16V to 230V 1200 Watt

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Your mobile power supply

2x socket, 2x USB (Max 3.1A)

Ideal if you travel a lot by car, or to charge your laptop, use a 220v TV, refrigerator, pump etc.

This item is also suitable for the new Tesla Model 3 and Y with the LiIon LV battery.


Tribute to the inventor of the 12 V connection in the car. But there's still nothing like an old-fashioned electrical outlet. Prick and Play, also in the car. :)


With this 1,200 W voltage converter you can supply power to a variety of electronics: tablets, smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, TVs, DVD / MP3 players, camping accessories, GPS devices and much more. And all that just on the go!




The TE16 from Technaxx converts 12V DC battery voltage to the standard 230V AC voltage that is also used at home, so you can simply use the device of your choice. For example, connect it to your car battery or another 12 V source and you're good to go.


This rascal has an output power of no less than 1200 W (max. continuous) and 2400 W (peak) to supply the necessary power. You can connect devices to one of the two 230 Volt sockets with on/off switch or one of the two 5 V USB ports with a maximum of 3.1 Amps (in total).




Furthermore, this voltage converter is safe to use. For example, it automatically switches itself off to protect the car's battery. It alarms at ~10.5 V & ~16 V and also offers protection against overload, short circuit and overheating thanks to the built-in fan.


A must-have for anyone who goes on holiday by car, is away from home a lot or is simply looking for a way to convert 12 Volt DC power to 230 Volt AC.