Model 3 - Rear window spoiler (against rain in your trunk)

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Rear window spoiler / Rain deflector for Tesla Model 3

To prevent water flowing from the rear window into your trunk.

Rear window spoiler / Rain deflector for Tesla Model 3

As we, as Tesla Model 3 owners know when you open your trunk in the rain, there is a good change that all the beaded water sitting on the top of the trunk liftgate gets tossed onto the rear window when we open our trunks. This extra water combined with the beading water on the window starts a fast quick flow of streaming water rushing right towards our trunks. The flowing water has no chance to drip into the drain channel because of the speed it's traveling, and the water pours over the rubber seal right in our trunks.

Second, If it's raining very hard and if our trunk is open, water accumulates and beads up on the rear window until the beads become too large then they eventually turn to streams and the water runs right down your window over the rubber trunk seal into your trunk.   This is because of the speed the water is traveling as it picks up more water beads and they combine increasing the rate of flow. Our Rain Deflector will deflect rain from pouring in your trunk.

Besides that this spoiler looks great on your rear window.

Easy to apply with the preinstalled self adhesive tape.

Or you can choose for installation service by our dedicated professionals in our workshop

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