Stayhold Rubber Medium & Quick Strap

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The small STAYHOLD rubber is a practical solution to keep your everyday items safe in the trunk of your car.

Stayhold Rubber Medium & Quick Strap

The Stayhold sidekick shopping carriers made for the rubber liners in your car, now delivered with a StayHold Quick strap, uses a patented design of STAYHOLD gripping teeth to sit under your goods and prevent them from moving.
Used individually or in multiples to secure loads of any size and move quickly and easily with our ergonomic handles and lightweight body.

Stayhold designed unique gripping teeth and 3D support structure provide exceptional support for your groceries and other items when used on rubber liners. StayHold Sidekick range also works effectively on carpet with the same gripping teeth and loading platform method, but we recommend our Metro range with VELCRO® branded hooks for carpet use. If you regularly change between carpet and liner, then the Stayhold Sidekick Carpet luggage holder is the right line of for you and not this rubber version.

Stayhold Rubber / sidekick version is available in 2 sizes small and medium and are stackable. Our Sidekick shopping holders for rubber liner are unlike anything else available and we are confident that once you use them on your rubber liner, you will not go back.

Stayhold products are made of durable and flexible polymer that can take a beating even for heavy use.