Tesla Model 3 - Air Inlet Cover

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Cover the air vent of your tesla Model 3 and keep leaves and debris from clogging up your ventilation system.


Available for the model 3 before and after august 2020.

The air inlet for the Model 3 ventilation system is quite large and completely open.

With the autumn approaching, it is a good idea to protect the air intake with this cover grille.

Leaves in your fan give a lot of chatter. You also have a greater chance of fogging up your windows if your air intake becomes clogged with leaves and debris.
Easaly prevent this with this ventilation grille

This air inlet cover is custom fit for the Tesla Model 3. Made from durable plastic. The cover doesn't affect ventilation, but keeps out leaves and debris.

Easy installation without tools, the cover sticks to the edges of the air inlet.

The Model 3 after August 2021 has a different air inlet, so be carefull to order the correct one. If you are in doubt, open the cover under the frunk and check the size of the air inlet.


Instalation service by Tesland available.