TeslaCam - Dashcam stick Ultra Flair 128GB / 256GB

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USB stick to use in your Tesla for TeslaCam, the dashcam function of your Tesla.

USB stick to use in your Tesla for TeslaCam, the dashcam function of your Tesla.

Available in 128GB or 256GB memory. Currently we sent USB drives of the brand Sandisk, since they are the most suitable.

This USB stick has plenty of usable space and it is preformatted and ready to use "plug and play"

If your car has Autopilot hardware version 2.0 or higher you can use the forward looking camera, and the camera's of the side repeaters as dashcam with this memory stick. It will only work with Tesla's build after August 2017.

Also the sentry mode is used with this stick. If your car is parked and someone is approaching your car, the pictures will be recorde on this stick

Of course, you can use any other USB sticks, but this one is preformatted, and it is perfectly suitable for this job


*Note. It is possible that Tesla will increase the requirements for these types of sticks in the future, so that they may no longer work after a future firmware update of the stick. We currently have no insight into this.


Formatting the USB device in the car
For some time now, Tesla has also offered the ability to format a USB device directly in the car. Simply connect the pen drive/SSD/MicroSD, etc. to one of the front USB ports. Then in the car settings under "Security" > "Format USB Device" select "Format USB Device". CAUTION: All data on the USB device will be deleted by formatting! The device will then be formatted as an exFAT file system and the TeslaCam folder will be created automatically.

Important: The format button is always grayed out if your Tesla sees more than 1 partition. So if maybe 2 sticks are connected, or 1 stick with 2 partitions.

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