Model S - Tint car window XPEL XR (heat repellant film)

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Tint the windows of your Tesla Model S with XPEL XR window film. Gives your Tesla a nice look and protects your car against heat and UV.

We offer tinting with XPEL XR heat repellant film for your Tesla Model S?

This film is blocking 88% of infrared heatrays, so the interior of the car does not heat up quickly. Therefor your  chuldren and yourself are much better protected by the sun than with an ordinary window film which is blocking maximum 30% of the infrared rays. 

Tesland is one of the few authorised resellers and installer of this XPEL XR film.

So the interior of the car will stay much more comfortable in the summer and you will need less airconditioning in your car. Iin the winter the heat will not escape so easily, since the windows are much better isolated than clear windows or windows tinted with ordinary film.

The standard option is tinting of the aft side windows, the small rear windows and the rear window. As an option we can also tint the  forward side windows*, windshield** and roof panel. Our specialists who perform this have years of experience and can apply the film on every window out of one piece.

The tint film used is first class quality and comes with a 100% guarantee. The quality of the car window film and a professional installation ensure an excellent result with a long service life. This film is comparable with a SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful Ultraviolet rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.

You also get a guarantee the glue, flaking and tearing of the film. The installation of tint film is bound by rules and of course the film we offer meets the set EU law, but we advice you to check your local law for exclusions.

If your car is already equipped with standard film and you want this superior film, then the existing film must first be removed. The costs thereof is calculated according to our applicable hourly rate.

Why to tint the windows of your car with XPEL XR film?

  • aesthetically, it is "tough" and gives your Tesla its own look
  • heat blocking. so a much more comfortable interior
  • higher mileage due to less airconditioning needed.
  • sun-resistant
  • 99% UV protection 
  • interior becomes less warm due to sunshine
  • interior stays beautiful longer, it discolors less
  • more privacywindows will fog up less quickly

* please check your local law for exclusions of tinting of the forward windows

** We use heat to install the window film. If there are small damages (even invisible) in the windshield this can cause cracking of the windshield. We can not be held responsible for this.