Top 10 accessories for your Tesla Model S

What accessories do other Tesla owners buy, the tesland top 10? has been online for almost a year now. The following top 10 shows which Tesla Model S accessories are popular with other owners.

So, here we go with the top 10:

10 - Universal Phoneholder

This magnetic, discrete phone holder is very suitable for the Tesla Model S en X due to its functional and minimalistic design.

Discrete Universal Phoneholder -

9 - Center Console tray

With this tray that fits in your center console, you’ll have a solution to keep your stuff from flying trough your car.

Center Console Cubby tray -

8 - BlackVue DR750S 2ch Dashcam

All new BlackVue DR750S 2ch.

“THE best dashcam available”

This camera is very suitable for installation in the Model S and X.

BlackVue DR750S 2ch Dashcam -

7 - AlloyGator Wheelprotection

These AlloyGators ere THE solution to protect your precious wheels against the annoying curb damages.

AlloyGator Wheelprotection -

6 - Welcome projection light

These welcome logo projection lights are to be installed in the bottom of the passenger doors. They will project  a nice logo ons the floor when the doors are opened.

Welcome projection light -

5 - Superbright Interior Light Units

You want more light in your doors, trunk, trunk, food well, or dashboard? This is what you need.

Superbright Interior Light Units -

4 - Autolift for Parcelshelf Model S

Tesland designed elastic “autolift” for your Model S parcel shelf.

Autolift for Parcelshelf Tesla Model S -

3 - Carbon Rear Spoiler Model S

Easy to install with the pre installed 3M VHB tape. Or you can have it done at our workshop. we also can install it permanently with glue.

Carbon Rear Spoiler for Tesla Model S -

2 - Signal blocking pouch

Are you worried about the radiation of your key fob while you have it in your pocket? This pouch will shield you from the signal of your key fob.

Signal blocking pouch -

1 - Illuminated Door Sill Plates Model S

Illuminated door sill plates for Model S.
Made by Tesland. Brushed stainless steel door sill plates, to replace the aluminium inserts in your front door sills.

Illuminated Door Sill Plates Model S -


Even more accessories?

Did not find in this list what you were looking for?

This is just the top 10, of course we have way more accessories and we keep adding new ones regularly.

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