LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system, special offer for Tesla owners

LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system


LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system is a car tracking system which makes it possible to track your car in case of theft. It is a theft detection and recovery system for stolen vehicles.
If you purchase the LoJack system, you buy more than just a vehicle tracking system.
The system includes a subscription in which your, in the event of an unexpected theft of your vehicle, reports to the LoJack control room.
The theft recovery team then goes to work to find your stolen vehicle.

And they are very successful in that, in 2016 more than 92% of the stolen vehicles with this system were finally found.
Compared to a recovery percentage of 40% for vehicles without a theft deterrent system.

LoJack is the market leader in the field of theft recovery systems. This originally American, listed company has been bringing theft recovery systems onto the market since 1986 and can therefore boast a long experience. In those years they secured over 300,000 vehicles and other objects after theft.

They guarantee this high percentage through their own unique technology, intensive cooperation with the police and LoJack Corporation and ETNA (European Tracking Network Association).

This provides cross-border services for tracing, securing, supervising and repatriating stolen vehicles.

So even if your car is transported across the border after theft, you have enough options to track and return your car.

Tesland has therefore chosen to cooperate with LoJack Benelux and is selected LoJack Direct Dealer.

Intensieve samenwerking met politie

De unieke samenwerking met de politie bestaat eruit dat LoJack veel informatie uitwisselt met de politie. Dit is uniek, LoJack Benelux is in Nederland de enige leverancier van opsporingsapparatuur die in een aantal voertuigen van de landelijke eenheid wordt gevoerd. Hiermee kan de politie actief gestolen voertuigen opsporen en lokaliseren. Ook als het voertuig door LoJack wordt gelokaliseerd wordt vrijwel altijd alsnog de politie ingeschakeld. Enerzijds om het proces administratief af te handelen. Maar vaak ook omdat het gaat om meerdere gestolen voertuigen, verdachte personen of een professionele garage.

LoJack netwerk

U koopt dus niet alleen de hardware, maar vooral de service en ondersteuning van het LoJack netwerk.
De hardware bestaat uit twee delen:

  1. het LoJack systeem in uw auto, dit is een kleine voertuig lokaliseer zender.

  2. de infrastructuur van het radionetwerk

LoJack system in your car

The system is built into your car invisibly and untraceably. With its built-in battery the system works for 5 years.

With this vehicle locate transmitter in your car you do not have to worry about your privacy. The transmitter is in standby mode. Only after your vehicle has been stolen and you report this to the LoJack control room, it is activated remotely, via the radio network, to send pulses so that your vehicle can be located.

The system has passed the appropriate tests (RoHS, REACH, CE).
It has a protection factor of IP66 against dust and water and a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C.

The radio network

What makes LoJack unique compared to other systems is that they have their own radio network.
This network consists of transmitters that are installed throughout the country. These transmitters communicate with the system that is built into your car. LoJack is the only supplier that does not work via the GSM network, but with its own radio stations with its own frequency. The big advantage of this is that the system is insensitive to GPS / GSM jammers who handle the thieves guild.

This frequency is the same for all of Europe. The frequency used can also penetrate through concrete, buildings and steel.

Main features of the LoJack theft deterrent system

  • cheaper to purchase than other approved vehicle tracking systems

  • privacy is protected, only in case of theft the location of the vehicle can be detected

  • can not be disturbed by GSM / GPS jammers by own radio network

  • widely accepted as a security system by insurers and leasing companies

  • own LoJack 24/7 control room and theft recovery team

  • intensive cooperation with police and investigative services

  • LoJack Corporation global coverage

The LoJack system in your vehicle:

  • low power consumption, works 5 years on built-in battery

  • easy to build invisibly

  • hardware is approved by RoHS, REACH, CE

  • protection factor of IP66 against dust and water

  • installation by LoJack mechanic, in the Tesland workshop or on location

LoJack Installation

LoJack and Tesla

You have undoubtedly also read here and there about the increased number of stolen Teslas. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of the popularity of Tesla cars.
There is a suspicion that there is an organized gang in the Amsterdam region that specifically targets Tesla's. It is perhaps only a matter of time before this trend continues to other parts of the Netherlands. This does not mean that you can not do anything about it.

The LoJack system is ideal for installation in your Tesla. Experience shows that equipping your Tesla with a LoJack system is usually sufficient to find your car again after theft.
Some insurers are already asking for a TV01 system for your car. There are insurers that instead let you opt for a LoJack system. Please contact your insurer for this.

How does the LoJack system work?

First of all, you must purchase the LoJack system. Tesland has a special offer for our Tesla customers (it may also be a different brand, we do not discriminate ..)
You will be contacted by LoJack within 2 days to make a fitting appointment. You can do this with us in the Tesland workshop or on location. This can generally be planted within 2 weeks.
The LoJack system is invisibly built into your Tesla. This takes about an hour.
You will receive the installation certificate from LoJack within 2 days after installation. You can submit this certificate to your insurance or intermediary.
Your subscription automatically starts after sending you a certificate.
From then on, your Tesla is standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never have to turn the system on or off.
In the unlikely event that your Tesla is stolen, you should contact the LoJack control room as soon as possible. Your report will then be forwarded to the LoJack network
You will be guided by LoJack when making the declaration so that LoJack can deal with your report together with the police.
The LoJack network makes contact with the system in your car to activate it. After the activation, the system continuously sends messages to the network. These reports are received by the LoJack control room and forwarded to the investigation team.
The investigation team can use their equipment to gauge the location of these messages and thus determine the location of your car. The police also have a number of vehicles that have been equipped with this sounding equipment.
Once your car is located, it is secured, possibly in cooperation with the police.

Special offer for Tesland customers

As previously mentioned, Tesland cooperates with LoJack Benelux and is selected LoJack Direct Dealer. That is why we can offer you a very interesting offer to equip your Tesla with this unique LoJack vehicle tracking system. Incidentally, this system is not limited to tesla vehicles, of course. It can just as well be built into other cars, but also in vintage cars, vessels, trucks, trailers, work vehicles.

The standard price for the stand-alone LoJack system is € 299 excl. VAT (€ 361.79 incl. VAT). This price includes the installation of the system by LoJack's installation team on location or in the Tesland workshop.

The normal price for the corresponding subscription is € 114 excl. VAT (€ 137.94 incl. VAT) per year.

If you buy the LoJack system via Tesland, we can offer you a 5-year subscription for € 300 excl. VAT (€ 363 incl. VAT)
That is a € 270 discount on your subscription.
Go to the product page in our store to order your LoJack system today.

Note: If you have an insurance policy for your Tesla at Turien, please contact us.

Especially for Turien customers we have an interesting appointment that you do not want to miss.

The special discount subscription that Tesland can offer in cooperation with loJack must be ordered directly from LoJack Benelux via the link: Tesland special offer