BlackVue DR 750 Exchange Program

Blackvue updated their product range. The newest BlackVue topmodel is the DR750S. Especially for Tesla owners this is an interesting camera system.
If you have previously purchased a BlackVue dashcam from us, we have set up an exchange program
The all new Blackvue DR750S serie is equipped with a lot of new features. It now records in 60FPS and is equipped with a Sony STARVIS sensor for sharper footage by day and night. The rear camera now records in 1080p Full HD, with the same Sony STARVIS sensor as the front camera.


  • Sony STARVIS sensor for sharper pictures on the front and rear camera.

  • The rear camera is now Full HD, with 30 fps for more fluid images.

  • Full Cloud and WiFi support.

  • The frontcamera records in up to 60 FPS.

  • Multi language voice guidance.

  • Event record protection (up to 50 events)

  • Renewed processor. up to 2x faster. This is very noticeable when starting the camera, rebooting, viewing video's via your smartphone and also the cloud function is improved.

  • Time lapse parking mode recordings with a 5 seconds buffer (soon available via a firmware upgrade. Just like your Tesla)

  • Multi-functional Wifi button + touch sensor.

  • Nightvision mode on/off function.

  • Several stability improvements. These include a higher stability at high temperatures, and a daily reboot option.

Exchange program:
For our costumers who previously purchased a BlackVue camera from us, can now benefit from a exchange program available.
In this program we will exchange the camera's and it's brackets. Your existing wiring will remain in your car. You will also keep your own micro SD card.
Exchange to the DR750S-2ch:

  • You have a BlackVue DR650GW-2ch 1st gen: Surcharge €300,-

  • You have a BlackVue DR650GW-2ch 2nd gen: Surcharge €275,-

  • You have a BlackVue DR650S-2ch: Surcharge €250,-

Prices are excl. VAT.
You also need to return your box and instruction booklet. In case you don't have those anymore, you will be required to pay an extra €20,-.
You can send us the camera for an exchange, or we can do the installation for free in your car at our workshop.

These new camera's are currently limited available. Therefore we will give priority to new installations over the exchange program.
The exchange will be done according first registration, first serve.
There is a limited number of camera's available for this exchange program.

To participate please fill in our contact form.